Patek Philippe Watches

Patek Philippe watches are some of the most expensive watches in the world. Although the Stern family currently owns Patek Phillipe & Co., Antoni Patek was the original founder of the company in 1851. He started out producing pocket watches in Geneva in 1839 and teamed with French watchmaker, Adrien Philppe to form the company. This is where the name Patek Philippe comes from.

The company made its first wristwatch in 1868, but has been involved in pioneering such watchmaking technologies as the perpetual calendar, the split-second hand, and minute repeaters. An early model of a complicated watch produced by Patek Philippe was a pocket watch for Henry Graves, Jr. in 1933. This watch had 24 different functions. It was sold at auction in 1999 for $11 million dollars, but this was not the most expensive Patek Philippe watch to be sold in this way. In April 2008, the Sky Moon Tourbillon watch sold for $11.75 million.

Collectors and watch connoisseurs all over the world have coveted watches made by this company. Right from the start of the company, it supplied watches to Queen Victoria and her consorts. Other famous people that have worn these watches include Pope Pius 1X and the king and queen of Denmark.

One of the most complicated watches ever produced was the Caliber 89, produced in 1989 to mark the 150th anniversary of Patek’s first creation. Some of the features on this watch include a thermometer, the time of sunrise, and equation time. It contains over 1700 unique parts and is programmed to add the extra day to the month of February in a leap year.

In total, the Patek Philippe Company has produced 600,000 watches. It added the silicon technology to its production in 2005.