Oris Watches

Oris watches are relative newcomers to the world of Swiss wristwatches because this company was not created until 1904, whereas other companies first started in the mid-1800’s. The founders of the company were Paul Catlin and Georges Christian and they set up their first place of business in Holstein, Switzerland. The name they chose for their brand of watches comes from the name of a valley and brook in this village. The first of many stores in the country opened in 1906.

From 1925, the company made its name in the production of Oris watches that were inexpensive, yet of good quality. The watches are mechanical and carry distinctive designs, such as red rotors, which is the signature of the company. It was in this year that the company started using a buckle pin making it much easier to put on the watch and take it off.

In 1938, the company started producing its own pin lever mechanisms. By 1942, it had developed the technology to brass harden the components so that they would keep accurate time. The gold plating on these watch cases is authentic, as is shown by a certificate of authenticity and is known all over the world. After the Second World War, Oris began producing waterproof watches and any watches of this quality bear the word “Waterproof” on the underside of the casing. It was not until 1952 that the watches started featuring the automatic winding and power reserve and in 1966 the automatic movement with 25-jewel lever escapement went into production.

The Oris Pointe Calendar feature on older watches made a comeback in the 1980’s especially in the newly opened Japanese market. Throughout the decades since that time, more advances have been made, such as the addition of a second time zone time, display of the day of the week and the date and the moon phase display. Oris is one of the major players in the world of watch production with its motto “form flows function”.