Luxury Watches

Although we wear watches primarily for a practical purpose watches have also always been used as a fashion statement by many people. Some people like to buy watches that look good (but that don't cost a lot of money!) whilst others like to splash out more and buy luxury watches. These watches may cost more but they are made by top class watch makers and, as such, will also work efficiently and stand the test of time.

Luxury watches can retail for anything from a few hundred pounds and higher end models can be sold for hundreds of thousands. Luxury watches don't have to be ostentatious and many are fairly low key in terms of design. But, some luxury watches will use precious materials and stones as part of their design - these watches really will stand out from the crowd. Although many designers have moved into this field many people consider that the luxury watches that come out of Switzerland (the home of watch making) are the best.

There are various manufacturers of high-end luxury watches. These include:

You can buy some luxury watches off the shelf and some are sold as limited editions or are made for the wearer. In basic terms you'll pay more for watches that are limited editions or custom made than you will for off the shelf items. Although the materials used in the watch will also play a part here.