Bvlgari Watches

Although these watches are commonly called Bulgari watches, the official name is Bvlgari with the “U” written in Roman style after the name of the company’s founder Sotirios Vulgaris. It is a very famous brand name, not only for watches, but for other items such as purses, fragrances and hotels.

The first Bvlgari store is still in existence in Vulgaris’s hometown of Paramythia, Greece, where he worked as a watchmaker. It was not until 1884, when he moved to Rome, though, that he actually formed a company after he had been there for three years. He opened his first store in this city in 1905 and his name soon became known among the rich and famous. It was not until the 1970’s that the chain of stores went international.

The Bulgari Snake Styled Watch was created in the 1940’s. This watch featured a snake winding its body around the wrist a few times. The head of the snake faced toward the person wearing the watch and the whole watch seemed to be inside the snake’s mouth. In later designs the watch formed the head of the snake.

The Bulgari-Bulgari was a unique design crested for the Bulgari brothers. This watch has a slimly cut cylinder, with two flat surfaces. The word “Bvlgari” is imprinted twice around the bevel. Although the brothers were not initially pleased with the design, it later became the signature watch of the company.

The design of the Bvlgari watch is very distinctive. Today’s watches are produced by the Bulgari Time, S.A., which is the Swiss subsidiary of the company. Some of the lines in the collection include Bulgari-Bulgari, Assioma, Rettangolo, and Ergon Diagono. Watch production and sales make up about 20% of the company’s business. It develops its own calibers and parts, some of which are very complicated.